Goosebumps: Welcome to Camp Nightmare

Welcome to Camp NightmareWhat? Another book recap already? I surprised myself with this one. The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb took me three days to get through because I kept sitting it down; it just never caught my attention. I started this book after writing my review yesterday and finished it in one sitting. It is that good.

With a well-paced plot, a likable protagonist, and genuine suspense, it’s hard to imagine this book and the last one I reviewed were written by the same author. I have been noticing a lot of inconsistency with writing quality in this series. Some books are fantastic while others leave a lot to be desired. Stine insists he never employed ghostwriters for this series, however. This is one of the good books in the series. If you are interested in Goosebumps and are looking for a fun, quick read, this is a good one to grab.

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Goosebumps: The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb

The Curse of the Mummy's TombWhat’s wrappening, guys?! I bring you an entry about my least favorite Goosebumps book so far. I actually finished the book a few days ago. It took me a couple days to write this because I got sick with strep throat. Yep, just like Gabe was stuck in the pyramid, I’m stuck in my house for a few days. I’ll try to get another Goosebumps book read and recapped while I have all this time on my hands. 

I’m sorry in advance, but this is going to primarily be a post about how the protagonist, Gabe, is literally the worst character ever. I know what you’re thinking: Todd, all the Goosebumps kids are bad characters. No. Gabe takes the cake. Gabe won’t get all the hate, though. This book is bad despite him, and that’s saying a lot. Follow me behind the cut, and I’ll tell you why you should skip it. 

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Goosebumps: My Hairiest Adventure

My Hairiest AdventureWhat’s up, my home doggeeees? Surprise: I’m alive.

I had a goal of covering 20 of these Goosebumps books this year, but with the five-month hiatus I just took, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I wish I could blame school for my not updating, but school has been out for almost two months and I haven’t done anything here. Sadly, I think after five straight semesters of school with no breaks, my brain just burned out. I needed to just take it easy for a couple months for my own mental and emotional well being. I read some books (without putting pressure on myself to write about them), binge-watched some shows, and played some video games. I am just now starting to feel like exerting creative energy and being productive again. I hope you all understand.

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Goosebumps: Egg Monsters From Mars

Egg Monsters From MarsFor some reason, a lot of you guys wanted me to cover Egg Monsters From Mars. Well, here you go. Maybe it’s a favorite? I’d like to hear what you guys like about this book, because I had some major issues with it. Maybe you all like the cover. I have to admit, this book does have an awesome cover. Or, as I suspect, maybe you guys know this book is terrible and want to torture me. 

What kills me about this book is that it has the makings of a good Goosebumps entry. It has one of the more fleshed-out protagonists I’ve encountered. It has a very real threat for kids in its antagonist. It even has some suspense and intrigue. I was legitimately invested in the plot. The problem is it drags us along and doesn’t go anywhere, and then it just ends in a random and absurd manner. Unfortunately, this book was not as egg-celent as I had hoped it’d be.

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Goosebumps: Beware, the Snowman

Beware the SnowmanHey, look, a seasonally-appropriate Goosebumps book. Look at me being fancy. A couple of you have e-mailed me and asked if I was still doing these, and wanted to know when my next one would be, and I really appreciate you guys’ enthusiasm and support. These recaps naturally slow down during the months I’m in school, but this past semester they halted altogether because school really kicked my butt. College Chemistry is scarier than any Goosebumps or Fear Street book could ever hope to be. Still, I’m persistent, I’m resilient, and I make an effort to finish everything I start, so here I am.

I only wish I was bringing you guys a recap of a better Goosebumps book. Sadly, when I was snowed in a couple days ago and was searching for my next Goosebumps book to cover, this one, with a snowman on the cover, naturally jumped out at me. This is an entry in the series I had never read as a kid, so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m so sorry, guys.

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